The Music Producer’s Guide to Studio Recording

The Information You Need to Produce an Amazing Music Product Wherever You Live

Are you an aspiring music producer, looking to learn all the aspects of music production and make this your life’s work?

Are you an artist looking to record your next project yourself, but need to know everything a music producer would know to get the job done?

Are you a student considering spending tens of thousands on learning how to be a music producer?

For just a $29.99 investment, you can learn the realities of producing music in the studio.

A Unique and Different Resource

The Music Producer’s Guide to Studio Recording is a one of a kind resource that teaches you the secrets of music producers and engineers.


Written by Nashville veteran producer Eric Copeland, this comes from a different place than books written by “superstar” producers, and “legendary” engineers. Copeland has made a living over 25 years working with artists, bands, and songwriters from around the world helping them build working, income-generating careers.

If you are thinking of becoming a producer, or producing studio recordings of your own music, this is a down to earth, real resource that will teach you the realities of life in the studio, as well as how to deal with artists, musicians, engineers, and everyone else you may run into.

This is NOT your father’s music business!

The new music business is found everywhere, in all musical styles, with any level of talent, and in any city on the earth. Since such a tiny percentage of artists are signed to labels anymore, YOU have the opportunity to be a busy producer helping people realize their dreams of recording.

This book is the key to unlocking the secrets of recording that I have learned over 25 years to make a solid, six-figure business in music recording. It covers everything including:

  • Choosing a Producer
  • The Song
  • Arrangements
  • Pre-Production
  • Studio
  • Studio Recording
  • Vocal recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Graphics and Layout
  • Copyrights
  • Manufacture/Duplication
  • Archival
  • Interviews

Whether you are a producer (or want to be), or an artist who wants to produce an amazing recording, this comprehensive book covers everything you’ll need to know!

$29.99 (eBook)
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