About the Author

EricCopeland_2013_EAF7Eric Copeland is a busy music and media producer of music through his Nashville-based production companies Creative Soul and Next Level Jazz. Their main goal is high quality projects that take artists and ministries to a new level of success.

“I think quality and creativity are the two things I bring to the recording process. I’m not interested in trying to copy what’s popular, or current. But to create art that stands up. We’re challenging our artists to write better, develop their craft, and strive for a new quality level in both their materials and themselves.

“But more than just a quality product, my goal is to grow and develop the artistic nature of the artist through the process. By just coming to Nashville to write, record, sing, and work with the many talented folks it takes to put together a project, the artist can’t help but mature in so many ways. This means the artist benefits from this new maturity, and that’s where we know we have invested in the artist and the effect that can have for ultimate success.”

For complete information on Eric’s producing, visit Creative Soul Online or Next Level Jazz.

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